The Somewhere Emporium

The Somewhere Emporium



There are some places where there are big crowds, this Emporium was the opposite.


Although you could smell baked chocolate chip cookies. Although you could hear laughter and chatter from the inside. Although lights flickered rapidly and although the displays of sweets were always stacked up in every flavour you could imagine.


But nobody entered the Somewhere Emporium.

The inside was always dim, mysterious and was always trying to tempt you to come inside but the door was always locked so nobody ever entered. No one that is until Ariel.


Chapter 1 

One cloudy day, Ariel was walking down Academy Street when she noticed something strange about the Emporium. For the first time the sun was shining a really sparkly light on the door giving Ariel the temptation to take a step into the Somewhere Emporium…


Inside the Emporium was filled with majestic things everybody would love to see and have. On the ceiling was a massive chandelier swaying gently as the flames danced into the direction of the counter and on it was a jar of rainbow Haribo’s wobbling like jelly. On the floor was a pile of cuddly stuffed animals as fluffy as cotton candy. She then spotted, to the right side of the Emporium were beautiful umbrellas, of all different colours which reflected on the thick glass window. In the dim corner was a rusty old treasure chest, Ariel was intrigued to go to the chest until she saw dirty barrels by the back door, she opened the lid and saw clouds of white soft fluff. But what interested Ariel the most was the old chest she saw in the corner as she opened the lid a large leather book revealed itself. As she turned the frail paper it was as if the book’s pictures were sprouting out from the pages.


“I see you’ve found my book of imagination” howled a faint voice. Ariel jumped back and slammed the book shut and looked up at the owner in fear. He was a young tall man with stormy grey eyes which glanced sharply at Ariel. By his right foot was a dog which frowned at Ariel in disapproval.

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