the emporuim

Jordan had always been mischievous. He enjoyed streaming day and night, even though his mother didn’t like it. . One very sunny morning, he was walking down Blackburn Road and noticed a poster on the Emporium.For the first time the lights were on and the door was open  Suddenly, without thinking he entered and then the bell rang.


He goes in and see lots of books and takes one of them he reads chapter 2 and then puts it back he goes upstairs and sees a room full of tools to do arts and crafts.he goes down stairs and then goes through the long hallway it seemed to lead to other doors that were locked he went to the one with no door handle and  got a key and unlocked it had nothing but doctor things in Filled with books looks everywhere he takes all of it

go back home see jdm cars get ‘ em all and bring’ em home for him and ethan.


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