Chaper 1- Rise of the horizon

Uzair had always been nosy and his mother had often warned him it would lead to some kind of worries. One snowy Saturday, she was trumbling past Wigston Road when he noticed something odd about the Emporium. For once, the door was open and without hesitating, he ran in. 


Everywhere he looked, he could see more and more wonders that he just wanted to feel. He saw a golden cage of Pegasus feathers. The beak of a Dalmatian pelican locked up in an antique picture frame, the skull of a bald eagle, eight connected clocks ticking in miller-seconds and Jazz music filling up the whole Emporium. He stared at Pick-n-Mix boxes curiously. He also found a rack of 1916 World War I soldier clothes, Santa’s slay, reindeer skulls as decoration at the front till. Vampire teeth, a stake launcher. Then he found an old leather-bound book as he opened it, the jumbled up words made sentences in the atmosphere.


“I see you find my book of wonders,” hissed a voice behind the till. Uzair gasped, shut the book and gave a death scare to the owner. She was an old woman who had glistening emerald eyes. On her neck wrapped a Banded Krait hissing at him, disappointedly. 

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