The gold emporium

Bob was a kind  and adventurous little boy. His parents told him that he was banned from opening the front door. Bob was desperate to take his cat on a walk one day, but Bob’s parents were working. So he asked them to walk the cat and his parents let him this one time. He walked the cat all the way to the shop, but strangely the shop was not there and an emporium of gold was in its place. He left his cat on the street and excitedly ran into the emporium.


 Everywhere he looked there was the shiniest gold. He started to tiptoe to the gold but there was so much going on that he instantly became distracted. Bob kept on exploring the gold emporium. On one side there was miny gold there was heavy gold and there was thin gold. Bob jumped up and down in glee. There was a display of magical books that brought your dreams to life. Bob looked in all of the books and in particular he noticed one book that was different so he kept on turning the page and there were pictures and notes.The notes said emporium of gold destruct and others the images looked like the emporium of gold and it told were all of the different room’s were. So Bob put the book in his bag. 


“I see you have found the book of the emporium” wheezed a voice.Bob ran for his life but then suddenly stopped. It was a man and he said that he was the owner of the emporium. He was a very wrinkly, short man with little hair on his head.

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