The Flabbergasting Emportimal

The Flabbergasting Emportimal

There are just some things in the world that you will just never understand, that can be more than confusing. Just like The Flabbergasting Emportimal.

Even if you knew that inside there were chewing sweets that would never end.  Even if you knew that there would be a friendly man waiting inside to say hello, people would never enter.  Even if you knew that there is a bucket full of toys that would sometimes stand in the window , there were always dark clouds over the shop. It was always empty until Mazie ……

There was something that caught her eye first though it was a strange pocket watch, it was all rusty.  Even when Mazie  was right up close to it she just felt so entreged that with ought thinking she picked up the rusty, old pocket watch . It made her hands filthy.  She was confused why it was on a shelf with lots of toys on.  But there was something even stranger that was carved onto the pocket watch.  It was a knife,fork and spoon.  It wouldn’t open so she put it back on the shelf. Then she smelt pumpkins and at the same time very sweet popcorn.  She could also hear a faint sound coming from a dark blue container it sounded like a million little voices.

Then Mazie spotted something out of the corner of her eye she knew what it was when she got close enough.  It was a old leather book all the pages were tied together with some sought of string.

The next thing she knew she was getting shouted at by a stubby, pink nosed man.

“Get off ! “

“What in the world do you think your doing !”

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