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The shop of wonders

Are you ever bored on the weekend?Is your life in need of something different?If so why not visit ,’the shop of wonders and be thrilled by the opportunity of a life time…and,surprisingly,mostly all of it is free,not all .Normally,there’s a replicate of the real shop of wonders ,occasionally on display there is :magic dust filling the air ;magical food making your day better and sparkly floating umbrella’s.The shop of wonders is open from 3:04am to 12:10am.If you want to buy anything ,you always wanted just ask staff.You could buy anything you want such as:a magical wand swifting through the air ;a magical breeze of snowflake just appearing;a magical carpet breaking windows and a magical insect flying through the air.Wonders are fun.Wonders are happiness.Wonders are your life .”This is the best shop I have ever been to !”said Ariana Grande.If you visit http://www.the shop of  wonders .co .uk.If you buy over £50.00 you will get 30persent off.

Opposite Emporium


Have you got kids at home that never leave you alone? Have you ever desired to get rid of them? Well visit our Opposite Emporium where we sell and take children!


Our visitors believe that this is the best Emporium they’ve ever been in! Yes! We care about our customers and the quality of our products! We offer:



-Magical brooms

-Shoes for mice

-Frog legs


-Shoes for giants

-Jumpers for ants

-Fairy wands


-Spell books


In our shop you can leave your kids behind and get more time to grind! Don’t be the only one to miss out on this great opportunity! You will see:


-Tons of people rushing to our store

-Items out of this world

-A collection of lost children


You won’t regret purchasing our tailor-made items! Our attractions come from the amazing mind of Elizabeth Widow and her amazing ‘book of wonders’.


“Visiting this shop is like a rollercoaster!”

-Taylor Swift, 2054


-Built in Theme Park

-Swimming Pool

-Cat Café


We offer Opposite Clubcards to our dearest customers. If you own an Opposite Clubcard you shall get a free item everytime you visit!


-We are open from 5am- 11pm on weekdays

-We are open from 6am- 9pm on weekends


Visit our website to subscribe to our Emporium and get notifications everytime we have an amazing offer!





Cosmic Emporium

Are you ever bored to death at home? Do you need something new to make your life exciting? Would you be interested in the best moment of your life? Well…visit our shop today. It’s called the Cosmic Emporium magnificent, wonderful times await. Inside we have:

Plenty of amazing things to improve your home.

A water park for children and the ‘Moo Cafe is inside.

For a day of amazement, come to our shop today. Leave your husband at home and finally get that long wanted garden gnome.

You don’t want to miss out, do you?

We have:

Books that get make magical rooms, new planets that no one has ever heard about, hotels to stay in for as long as you want to.

‘This is amazing, I got a new nose,’ said the Dark Lord Voldemort.

We do club cards so when you buy something £10 or over, you get a sticker. When you fill the cards with 200 sticker, you get a free item from our shop. Find us just off Lakepath, Donkey Street, number 22.

Online search http://www.cosmicemporium.co.uk

Call us on 073456572322257

The Starlight Emporium

The Starlight Emporium

Are you ever alone during the late evening with no motivation? Do you ever feel like more exciting things need to arrive in your life? Well, why not go and visit your nearby Starlight Emporium!

Our Emporium is one with the night. Stars line our doorways and fairy lights twinkle in our windows. It is the most fascinating shop in our country. Don’t worry, we won’t brag all the time but you are sure to enjoy our items we sell : Wishes are gathered around the shop and around our mysterious wishing well and fountain ; Star dust and planets roam the hallways, waiting patiently to be noticed and spectacular food ( For those who are always hungry ) that will tantalise your imagination and make your mouth water.

Don’t forget about our spectacular attractions such as an aquarium filled with the most unique fire-breathing fish in the universe; creative acrobats that will make you feel like you are experiencing a circus act and many more rooms full of astonishing wonders.

“A new discovery full of excitement! It gave me so many more book ideas!” commented Mr P Pullman, Author.

We offer:

Prizes for the first ten visitors

A lifetime guarantee of astonishment or get your money back with a full refund.

Visit our website , http://www.starlightemporium.co.pq , and put in this code for a free discount of £10: STARLIGHTWISH24.

The Cyan Shop

      The cyan shop

Have you seen a Cyan Shop? Are you bored on the weekends? Our amazing Cyan Shop has a twin shop on the other side of the road. But no one knows the mystery of the Cyan shop. The Cyan Shop contains ; Magic dust, Cyan pens, fake fruits, and mind tricking tricks that will confuse you.

Our amazing mind thinking tricks can make you click. But we promise it will be fun. Weirdly we have a mysterious do on the lest side of the shop. But do not enter it.

Miss Taylor ( the most famous teacher) said “ This is the best experience ever!” We Have great deals. Buy 5 for £1 and 6 tricks for £2.

If you would like to contact us call -5879218821 and come visit us on White cross road. You can order food online but searching up WWW. Cyan life.com.

This is the warning do not touch our magic dust it can do all sorts of things to you. But that’s not all. The Cyan pens can make your wishes and dreams come true make sure to think good and dream good

The glass-yung

The Glass-Yung

Have you ever imagined about a deadly, more terrifying version of a particularly harmless mosquito? This mysterious creature was only found approximately Seven and a half months ago, in the arid lands of Bangkok, Thailand. Astonishingly, the Glass-Yung has been absolutely hidden for several years after the morph of a moth and mosquito was created. Read on to find out more interesting facts about this unique creature…

A Glass-Yung’s Habitat

Intriguingly, these beasts were originally discovered creating a nest out of tree sap and dirt ina long patch of burnt hay on the border of Bangkok in Thailand. They are generally found in a family of five or six, although some are found in a colony of three as most of their young have left to mate with others. Occasionally, an older male Glass-Yung would vandalise the nest, trying to eat the mother’s young. The female would have to defend her young with her life (literally!)

Fun fact!

Did you know that a Glass-Yung means a glass- mosquito in Thai?

How can I identify this beast?

Now that you have read around half of this text, you may be wondering what a Glass-Yung looks like. Well, the main feature of this unique insect is that, due to its name, it has a glass like abdomen, enabling you to see right through to its organs (it may not be a pleasant sight). Its silk-like skin is charcoal black and spotted with lighter patches, scars, however, the number of scars on its body depends whether or not the bug has been in a lot of fights or encounters with predators. At the top of its head is a needle like mouth that can pierce any flesh to feed on.

The Plooph


Have you ever wondered what lives beneath the surface? Well entomologists have caught a new insect to their collection. If you would like to find out more, feel comfortable to read on!


Now that you know that Ploophs exist, where do you think they live? Ploophs live underground in the sewers. They like to live in dark areas out of human touch. Their name comes from what they like to do. Jumping around in the dirty water and splashing it all over the walls. That is a sign of fear or excitement.


You might be wondering, well what do they eat? Well that’s what this paragraph is going to be about; their diet. Since they live in the sewers it is quite difficult to get a reach of food. But with their six legs, they can move faster and jump higher. So, because of their advantage, they can move around the sewers faster trying to find their prey. Once they do, they strangle whatever they found with their venom filled tongue. If the prey escapes, the Plooph has no choice but to stab their prey filling their body with venom.


Well, how do you think a Plooph looks like after everything you read? Well a Plooph has six hairy black and white legs; a black circular body with a grey heart like shape where their organs are placed; bulging purple fly-like eyes.


Time for the fun part; fun facts! Even though Ploophs eyes are purple, they see in black and white. The average amount of venom stored in their tongue is usually thirteen gallons. Ploophs can jump up to fifteen feet into the air. Ploophs can move up to sixty miles per hour!!

Ploophs can shoot webs from their mouth; their webs store up to one thousand- five hundred fungus gnats. On the 3rd of December, Ploophs get out of their hiding and go on a hunt for sweaters.

The Eyeflie

Have you ever wondered,what the Eyeflie might be planning?The Eyeflie is an sensational insect,that has never been discovered for many years,in the forest of Denmark.Amazing,this shy Eyeflie has managed to stay hidden for many years.If you want to know more read on .

Where do the Eyeflies live?

Interestingly,not much is known about the Eyeflies habitat.This is due

to its secretive and self protective.However,entomologist have lately discovered the majority of Eyeflie reside in shallow parts of Denmark forest.This is thought to be due to Eyeflie being able to jump more than 10metres high.

What do Eyflies look like?

Witnesses of the Eyeflie,have said that the eyes on the wings,follow you wherever you go.Although,it looks like you can approach it,it is very hostile and attacks,whe spotted by a human.The antennae of yhe Eyeflie is very strong , it can smell movement and smell prey up to 244cm away.Whatever the Eyeflie eats,the wings change colour.As soon as you enter the forest if Denmark,the Eyeflie camouflages to blend in with the forest,so no-one realizes it is there.

What is the Eyeflies diet.

The only thing that the Eyeflie eats its own rotten eggs.It was told many years ago to eat fresh food like:cauliflower;broccoli;carrots;peas;sweet corn;greenes;parsnip and strawberries.The only thing he went offf was parsnip because it stared to get to dry.It doesn’t eat it anymore because it wasn’t good for the Eyeflie,it wanted something new.

Caution of the Eyeflies!

The sting of the Eyeflie is very venomous.If you go near this insect,you will be killed.It has killed over 2,000people and there are only 1,000 people left in Denmark.Even though,the Eyefliehas never been found,it still goes after people!

Go open the mysterious door

Go open the Pink door ,

Maybe there is –

A flamingo riding up from the ocean,

seeing a glistening cherry blossom,

or a candy floss machine glimmering in the sun .

Go open the Yellow door ,

Maybe there is –

Ducklings looking for their mother ,

Seeing daffodils with bees collecting honey,

or stars with the brightest star of Elizebeth the II .

Go open the Green door ,

Maybe there is –

A lizard spying on you ,

An emerald glistening on you .

or a frog trying to speak to you .