The Starlight Emporium

The Starlight Emporium

Are you ever alone during the late evening with no motivation? Do you ever feel like more exciting things need to arrive in your life? Well, why not go and visit your nearby Starlight Emporium!

Our Emporium is one with the night. Stars line our doorways and fairy lights twinkle in our windows. It is the most fascinating shop in our country. Don’t worry, we won’t brag all the time but you are sure to enjoy our items we sell : Wishes are gathered around the shop and around our mysterious wishing well and fountain ; Star dust and planets roam the hallways, waiting patiently to be noticed and spectacular food ( For those who are always hungry ) that will tantalise your imagination and make your mouth water.

Don’t forget about our spectacular attractions such as an aquarium filled with the most unique fire-breathing fish in the universe; creative acrobats that will make you feel like you are experiencing a circus act and many more rooms full of astonishing wonders.

“A new discovery full of excitement! It gave me so many more book ideas!” commented Mr P Pullman, Author.

We offer:

Prizes for the first ten visitors

A lifetime guarantee of astonishment or get your money back with a full refund.

Visit our website , , and put in this code for a free discount of £10: STARLIGHTWISH24.

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