The glass-yung

The Glass-Yung

Have you ever imagined about a deadly, more terrifying version of a particularly harmless mosquito? This mysterious creature was only found approximately Seven and a half months ago, in the arid lands of Bangkok, Thailand. Astonishingly, the Glass-Yung has been absolutely hidden for several years after the morph of a moth and mosquito was created. Read on to find out more interesting facts about this unique creature…

A Glass-Yung’s Habitat

Intriguingly, these beasts were originally discovered creating a nest out of tree sap and dirt ina long patch of burnt hay on the border of Bangkok in Thailand. They are generally found in a family of five or six, although some are found in a colony of three as most of their young have left to mate with others. Occasionally, an older male Glass-Yung would vandalise the nest, trying to eat the mother’s young. The female would have to defend her young with her life (literally!)

Fun fact!

Did you know that a Glass-Yung means a glass- mosquito in Thai?

How can I identify this beast?

Now that you have read around half of this text, you may be wondering what a Glass-Yung looks like. Well, the main feature of this unique insect is that, due to its name, it has a glass like abdomen, enabling you to see right through to its organs (it may not be a pleasant sight). Its silk-like skin is charcoal black and spotted with lighter patches, scars, however, the number of scars on its body depends whether or not the bug has been in a lot of fights or encounters with predators. At the top of its head is a needle like mouth that can pierce any flesh to feed on.

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