The Plooph


Have you ever wondered what lives beneath the surface? Well entomologists have caught a new insect to their collection. If you would like to find out more, feel comfortable to read on!


Now that you know that Ploophs exist, where do you think they live? Ploophs live underground in the sewers. They like to live in dark areas out of human touch. Their name comes from what they like to do. Jumping around in the dirty water and splashing it all over the walls. That is a sign of fear or excitement.


You might be wondering, well what do they eat? Well that’s what this paragraph is going to be about; their diet. Since they live in the sewers it is quite difficult to get a reach of food. But with their six legs, they can move faster and jump higher. So, because of their advantage, they can move around the sewers faster trying to find their prey. Once they do, they strangle whatever they found with their venom filled tongue. If the prey escapes, the Plooph has no choice but to stab their prey filling their body with venom.


Well, how do you think a Plooph looks like after everything you read? Well a Plooph has six hairy black and white legs; a black circular body with a grey heart like shape where their organs are placed; bulging purple fly-like eyes.


Time for the fun part; fun facts! Even though Ploophs eyes are purple, they see in black and white. The average amount of venom stored in their tongue is usually thirteen gallons. Ploophs can jump up to fifteen feet into the air. Ploophs can move up to sixty miles per hour!!

Ploophs can shoot webs from their mouth; their webs store up to one thousand- five hundred fungus gnats. On the 3rd of December, Ploophs get out of their hiding and go on a hunt for sweaters.

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