The Magical Emporium

There are some places where you have a shop full of  customers but this little shop it is exactly opposite.


 Even though you could smell mint candy canes with a hint of lavender. Even though you could hear faint ballerinas  dancing on their tippy toes. Even though you could see magic twinkling in the air, but still nobody entered the magical emporium and the reason why is because there once was a little girl called Lois and she went in and never returned.

Chapter 1

 One snowy afternoon Kirsty was walking down Blossom Road when she noticed something unusual about the magical emporium she saw someone in the window but then the person in the emporium rushed into the shadows what made Kirsty want to enter. So she sucked up her nerves and took one big step into the emporium.


 When she got in the emporium on the ceiling Kirsty saw a shimmering chandelier. Then when she looked over she saw a little counter with three macaroons and sparkling lemonade. Then when she looked down she was standing on a baby blue and pink rug. On one side she saw a shelf of toys and stuffed animals and the stuffed giraffe gave Kirsty a wink. In the corner she saw buzzing dragon fly’s in a big silver cage. By the door was glistening fairy light all around the room. But what interested Kirsty the most was an old book and on the front cover it said the magical book on the book she saw magic dancing in the air and fireworks.


 “I see you have found my book of magic” hissed a voice. Kirsty closed the book and glanced up at the owner. As the chair spun there was a butterfly on her finger tips. Kirsty froze in terror and tried to say who are you the girl on the chair was quite young and very lonely.

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