The Miracle Emporium.



On top of the door was a magical,gloomy window, which was on the Miracle Emporium, shining when everyones asleep. No one sees the Miracle emporium as it hides in the shadows only at night it will appear. 

On the window was a record player that moved, ancient books (the books  were created in 1985) and toys that are alive moving when you are sleeping jumping up and down.

Despite the splendid door,it will never be opened until one night that changes…


Chapter one 


As she was walking past, Millie saw the door opening and without hesitation stepped inside to find safety from her bully.  


Millie,who attended glade academy, was being bullied. This happens a lot because April the school  has a dislike for Millie. Millie sadly lost her grandad in a car accident and ever since that day April has bullied her. April will bully her until she gets a reaction and gets Millie in trouble by lying and says she did nothing wrong.

When she looked in the Emporium she spotted dragons going in circles making her dizzy. When she looked down she saw a black shadow and before she could say a word,the shadow said ‘What are you doing in my shop when it’s closed?’

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