The secret

Amy had always been curious why the emporium was such a secret. One breezy afternoon, Amy was just taking a stroll down Denson lane when she saw something strange about the emporium. For once, she noticed the door was unlocked and she nervously slipped inside.     


Everywhere she looked, it was like a world of wonders and things she wanted to touch.She saw shining rubies in different colors it was like a unicorn that pucked. A mini teddy bear that roared like a  los loch sea monster.A war hat with miniature cannons.On one counter, there was a bowl of diamonds.But what Amy liked the most was a book of dreams where she could see everybody’s biggest dreams.


“I see you’ve found my book of dreams,” hissed a voice. Amy gasped, and put the book down and she looked up at the owner. He was an old crooked man whose eyes were shining like marbles.On his arm was a venous frog but how was he able to hold it?

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