The Shack of Surprises

There are some places that are rarely visited. The Shack of Surprises was one of them. Even though the shop had a really inviting look, the heavy, metal gates were always locked. Even though the lights were like emeralds, no one ever entered. Even though there was a smell of fresh donuts and strawberry jam, no one dared to stop by. The gates were too hard to open. Until one day, a boy called Bob strolled past the gate and walked into the shop.

When Bob pulled the great brass door open, a smell of fresh popcorn and sour sweets bombarded the air. Beside the door lay a barrel full of the finest gold, silver and diamonds that Bob reluctantly left. On the book shelf was a huge gap where a book had clearly been taken. Bob was determined to find it. Then a quiet purring noise began that comforted him like a calm lullaby. He sprung to his feet when a whistling noise filled the room, he turned to see a sweet dropping from mid air. With all his might Bob jumped, caught it then ate it. It was delicious. Where he landed, to the side of him was a counter. On the counter lay an old, battered book that looked big enough to be the one missing from the shelf. He ran his hands along it. It felt familiar.

Then a startled voice said ‘’I see you found my book of magic.’’Bob turned and saw a mysterious man with an alligator on his back. It snapped hungrily.

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