The Show must GO ON


No one ever entered the Emporium. Even though the Emporium decorated its window at Christmas,  Christmas spirit was nowhere to be seen. Even though the shelf was full of candy coated sweets, the books were still boring. No one dared to enter the Emporium, until Hunter. 


And the journey has only just begun…


Hunter  had  always been curious and his mother had often had to warn him to be careful because he would always get into trouble.One windy weekend,Hunter was strolling down stairs to take Miles for a long walk, down by the seaside.  They  were walking past Eerie road   as they   noticed  something unusual about the old Emporium. The light of a computer game was on without permission. Hunter stepped inside the old antique Emporium.


 Everywhere he looked, it was filled with wonderful and peaceful things that he wanted to touch.The rusty computer game was turned off but there was something weird about the computer. It had joysticks floating over the  

game. A light beamed into the Emporium as Hunter’s shadow appeared.Squeak! Hunter stepped on a dog toy.

There was a display of an old tea set  and antique dolls. 

As Hunter took another step the dusty floorboards creaked.


Sundely,Hunter saw something in the corner of his eye, it was an old aged book, it was called The Show Must Go On. 

In the blink of an eye a man appeared. 

“I see that you have found my book of wonders”

“So what is your name?” asked the man.

“ My name is Hunter, Hunter Cubbins” he whispered. 

 As Hunter slicked through the pages it was like the book was coming to life.Hunter looked at the owner his eyes shone like the sun. 

And the journey has only just began 



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