The Summer Unicorn

The Summer Unicorn is really popular with young children because they grant wishes. But if you try and wish for to much the unicorn will explode in your face. These unicorns love summer weather and will do anything for ice-cream.

Generally this type of unicorn is found in Africa. But only in the colder months, Winter, Autumn and Spring, because they move to America in the Summer. They set up camps in forests because of the shade and there’s less humans. They normally move about in groups of four ladies and two men. When young are ten months old they leave to create more groups. It is believed that many of the young die because they were left behind by the rest of there group.

The Summer Unicorn knows how to adapt to its surroundings. If its hot their fur changes to a light colour, normally candyfloss pink or white, but if its cooler they change a dark colour, normally black or indigo, so they’re a lot like a chameleon. The Summer Unicorn can bond with humans. When they bond their hair, hooves and tail change colours. If they bond with a child it’s the child’s favourite colour, but if it’s a adult it changes to black, grey or white. The only adult which has bonded with this type of unicorn  is Joe Joe the famous unicorn scientist, his unicorn’s mane, hooves and tail turned white, the rarest colour. The unicorn also grows when bonded.

The Summer Unicorn enjoys eating sand and other sea foods such as cod, sea weed and some types of shells. They drink salt water and collecting shells. We can all agree this creature is wonderful and we should keep it safe for the future.

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