Through the door

You know there are some buildings that no one goes in. The Wondering Emporium was just like that.


Even though the structure had fairy lights,beautiful flower petals and on the corners of the window seal had vines.There were draping curtains in the colour baby blue . The curtains were as soft as a bunny rabbit’s fur coat. 


Nobody until Navy walked in….


Chapter 1 – through the door 


Navy had always been an interesting child. One early afternoon, Navy was walking down Marble Road when she saw that the emporium was creeping open slowly.


Without thinking she let herself in. When she got in she was amazed she had never seen something so beautiful. Navy saw dream catchers hanging off the walls , fairy lights glowing the room like a flash of lightning lighting up the sky. And vines hanging off the sealing. There was also a fish tank full of excotic fish;then she noticed that not long ago they had been fed because there was still food floating on the top. Then she found a mysterious laptop that was open. 


“Oh i see you have found my laptop where’s the glass case that was on top of it “.

It was the owner. He was an old man wearing a blue nNike top and black shorts and his hair looked like he just got out of bed.

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