Chapter 2

Chapter 2 ”My name in Terror Scared,” he stared at Garry. ”You are welcome to look around my (nice) shop but do NOT touch my book.” shouted the shopkeeper. ”O…O…OK” stuttered Garry. Edging back Garry watched the shopkeeper disappear behind a black curtain.

Being curious, Garry poked his head through the black curtain and came face to face with a boy who looked the exact same age as him. Running away the boy disappeared behind one of hundred doors. Going to the front of the shop, Garry played with trinkets and gems. Yet something was pulling him in.

It was the dim glow of the book in the draw. He slowly started to turn the handle and light exploded everywhere. Opening the book carefully, 3d drawings as dull dangerous animals danced on thin air. Danger appeared and fireworks shot into people making the ground shake. Animals attacked customer’s and snakes slivered up peoples necks.


Finding a pen, Garry grabbed one and slowly started to move the pen on the thick paper. Imagining a thick forest he drew different animals like rabbits and armadillos. Writing, He imagined what he would see when he opened the mahogany door and twist the golden door handle. He finally finished it off.

Seeing the python sliver up to him, Garry heard the python say to follow him. Getting out of the armchair he watched the python sliver in front of him. Slivering faster the python cut corners through big rat holes. Finally reaching a dead end, a door felt like it was trying to beckon him in. Feeling the door handle it felt brand new.

Looking at a ginormous forest, he ran and grabbed armadillos that were just passing by. He watched squirrels jump from tree to tree and bunny rabbits slowly waddled across the floor. Staring at the corner he ran and jumped into a cool lake that glisten in the morning sun. Getting out he felt fresh and ready to conker anything. Feeling the warm breeze he new that this was his best place in the world.

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