Chapter 2 Disobeys warning

“I am the Grim Reaper don’t be scared. This is the oldest Emporium ever to live on my planet,” said the towering old man behind Ivy, standing in the darkness.
“My planet? Oh sorry it…it is truly amazing sir” replied Ivy, shaking at the sight of that tall man who was just weak bones.
“You may look around my shop of incredible creatures but you must not touch the book of magical mysterious creatures” he explained, in a small whispering voice.

Once the owner had left, she really wanted to open that book. But she knew not to because the eyes in the darkness of Fang reminded her. “Wolfy go away,” barked Ivy. He didn’t answer. In the shop she noticed the painting on the wall which looked familiar from the child hood. But the thing was the book kept catching her eye and she thought that one small peek at every individual page wouldn’t heart.

She opened it. She opened the book that she was told to resist. Carefully she opened the book. Her mouth dropped at the amount of squiggles that covered the first page. The next page was even worse than the first. Ivy new she wasn’t supposed to have it in her hands on the old dusty sofa.

Without thinking, Ivy had the pure white quilt in her hand and then she was away but the only issue was that every place she tried to write and they all started to disappear then she realised she could only write magical things so she started writing some of the most beautiful things with rainbow water falls and blue and red clouds. The writing made it look real and then Ivy heard him coming and quickly slammed it closed it wasn’t him it was fang.

“Oh Fang you scared me,” said Ivy, lurching back. “Did I sorry Ivy,” said Fang, with his ears back . she walked behind Fang and he was getting board of how slow I was going so he ran round me and then when he got behind me he flipped me on to his back ran to the door dropped me and ran off.

She stepped through the door and found herself not in a room but in a magical world in there that is what he must have meant by our world.

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