Wonder Emporium Brandon SWW

Chapter 2 A Warning Disobeyed

“I am Glorious Gold” he said, anyway what are you doing we are closed angrily.
“Sorry” replied Jack,” well you should be so what are you doing here “what do you mean?” no one has came in centuries. “You can look around my shop but you must not touch the book” he explained,

Once the owner had left, Jack looked around but every time he turned his head away from the book he too k a step backwards to the book and another and another unit he was right back were he started.
In the shop he noticed that if he opened it. No harm will come
So removed the book from the desk and it said the book

He opened the book the writing in neatest hand writing he read and read creations and wonders layed inside the book then blank pages appeared then he found a pen.

Without thinking, he put the pen closer until it touched the book. Curves and outlines swerved around the page looked like he was right there when leaves and water were finished he stared at every little detail there looking at what he had drawn. It was absolutely perfect not a single error.

He closed the book and headed through the curtain. He walked slowly a voice appeared from the shadows but it wasn’t the shop keeper instead it was a solitary golden eagle. It said the thing wrote is be hind the door I repeat the thing you wrote is behind the door after that it flew away back into the darkness. He stood in front of a painted door it looked different to all the over doors it was clean the others were battered and dusty but then he walked back to the door and turned the handle slowly it creaked open then a shining light blinded him from seeing what layed behind the door and the light.

He stepped through the door into the room and every thing was coming into sight the jungle the waterfall and the lake at the bottom vines to swing on rabbits and other exotic animals like red pandas. boats for sailing around in the ocean a seaside to chill out this had every thing you would ever need I jumped into the lake.

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