The Room which made Wonders

The Room which made Wonders


The slight man gestured for Ella to shake his hand. “My name is Luciano and I’m honored to meet you,” spoke Luciano in a calm voice. Ella stepped back uncomfortably and gave a forced smile.

“You are welcome to explore around my shop, but I demand you not to look in my book,” stated Luciano in a slightly louder tone. Ella nodded her head. In a flash, Luciano had vanished behind a vibrant curtain.

Ella was mesmerized by the lively doors which continued to go on and on and on down the corridor. Why are there so many doors? Ella had inherited a rebellious trait from her dad and decided to pick up the book. Her eyes were focused on the detailed pictures of new designs for doors. Without thinking, she picked up a pen and started sketching a brief idea of her dream room. She drew a sunny paradise filled with palm trees rising over you and tropical drinks presented professionally. Ella was delighted with the effort she had put into her art.

Without any notice, a midnight black magpie soared above her head. Ella’s heart fluttered with shock. She dropped thick book on the floor which made a raucous noise. The magpie gestured to Ella to follow it. Ella’s hands became sweaty as they reached a door which said, “The Sunny Paradise”. As she twisted the handle her hands started trembling intensely. The door creaked open, and sunlight beamed through the crack in the door. It was just as she imagined it but even better. Ella’s eyes were gleaming with delight and her mouth was wide open in pure shock and exhilaration.

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