Rainbow vampire butterfly by hollie

Rainbow vampire butterfly

The Rainbow Vampire Butterfly also known as RVB is an amazing insect that has just been discovered. It has outstanding abilities and it can change its shape. Would you recognize it or be confused of what this weird and abnormal creature is?

It is like most creatures and insects, it has six legs, wings and body. Most RVB’s have four wings allowing them to fly 24mph. However, some have been seen with eight wings hidden under there others. When they have eight wings they have something called extra fly-a-itis. They are usually the size of a chromebook. Amazingly, they can see 360 degrees like a hammerhead shark.

The RVB’s main body is blue and green so when it’s flying they are camouflaged with the sky and leaves (weirdly they can change shape.) This means they can fit in any space under closed and locked doors; closed drawers and cupboards- even boxes. This is very disturbing because they like to eat human flesh and drink blood.They also have venom so powerful it can melt the earth’s core. Rainbow vampire butterflies will attack at any time- so be careful…

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