The Skin-Tearer

The Skin-Tearer


The Skin-Tearer is a newly discovered species of beetle. Found in Aruba, scientists say that it is one of the most harmful insects to ever roam the planet. Found in 2021, people often question and wonder how they’d be able to discover and find one of these insects. People have asked us many questions. “Will they have a special dot?” “Will they attack me?” “Do they hurt people?” Well I guess you have to read on to find out.


skin-Tearer appearance is lightning in their stomach ready to charge them up and run/go towards prey. Like most insects it has legs arms and wings but unlike most insects, it has around five-hundred and one legs and four hundred arms on each side so eight hundred arms! It also has sharp nails and toenails to really hurt animals. Its eyes are connected via two horns from its neck. Even though its small and looks harmless it’s illegal to carry around the animal as a pet and if any humans come too close to the animal its not scared to pounce and injure us. Scientists have said that it will fatally injure us and if we come in an encounter with it then to run away or trap it (This is a risky choice!) and if we do get bit then we should instantly call an ambulance!


Amazingly, The Skin-Tearer can also morph through walls and metal! They can make their bodies grow to the height of a T-Rex or grow as small as an ant! But there are also some good things about this animal, it can make the air clean, and scientists say this could be our key to stop climate change and pollution! So please don’t kill these animals unless they attack you first So BEWARE about this animal lurking around in Aruba!



By Kian H



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