The elemental moths

These moths have been discovered 2 years ago in the humid areas of the United Kingdom and have been researched ever since we discovered it, and we have finally finished and doing a report on it. Would you know how to spot them? You would be surprised that they are related with how different their appearances and abilities are.


We will start with the male, the Flame Moth. it has a bright and colourful body consisting of red, orange and yellow. it has small eyes and straight antennae, making it easy to see for them. it has six small wings and a large flame thrower on its back making it harder to squeeze through tight spaces which its female counter part can with ease. Shockingly, it has a large body of 8 and a half CM which doesn’t help with his extra pair of wings.


Now for the female, The hydro moth has a dark and gloomy body containing blues and purple. It has large eyes and drooping antennae, making it harder to see. it has 4 large wings with a small waterspout, which helps it squeeze through small spaces. it has a regular body length of 6.5 CM, making it one of the smallest irregular moths of our collection.


Since their abilities are quite similar so I am squeezing them both into one. The hydro moth can shoot high powered water (or oil if threatened) to put out or increase the male’s mess. The female can shoot water up to 250 MPH! Alarmingly, the male can shoot fire as wide as 20 meters! The fire spreads faster than regular fire making it more dangerous to be around.


They prefer to live in rainforests because it’s wet for the female and humid for the male, making it the perfect living environment. The Flame moth tends to eat spicy foods such as peppers and spicy food left out, while the hydro moths prefer cool food like food that’s gone cold on the counter and ice.


Now you know what they look like, what their abilities are, what they eat and where they live. Be cautious and do not appear threatening to them, if you have any foods above, feed it to them and both will become tame and follow you around, just remember to keep safe out there.

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