Come to the Dream Emporium

Are you fed up of going through the same routine every week? Do you long for an amazing adventure? Or wish for a dazzling dream? If so, come to the ‘Dream Emporium’ and step into a world of wonder… Fill up your petrol and zoom on down!

Marvellous, Magnificent Mysteries await! We give you:

  • thrilling wonders;
  • ‘out of this world’ creatures;
  • brains filled with imagination.

For a fun few hours of joyful bliss, ‘get a toy with joy’ and ‘stop at our shop’! Don’t miss out on an exciting experience. Come to the Emporium and amaze yourself. We provide:

  • Dreams that can transform your life;
  • Astonishing adventures;
  • Wondrous worlds

You won’t forget our marvellous miracles straight from our ‘Book of Curiosity’.

“You will regret not coming!” exclaimed Mr C Ronaldo from Portugal.


  1. The first 10 customers have a 70% discount!
  2. Under 13’s go free!
  3. You will be left astonished.


  • You are welcome all week from 7:00 am – 10:05 pm.
  • Find us near the M60 on Jethro St, Bolton, BL3 3RM.


Visit our website for extra information or email our staff at, . The emporium awaits!

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