Come to the Emporium

Come to the emporium

Are you ever bored at the weekends? Do you need something different? If so, why not visit the wonderful emporium and see anything you want in the world. We provide the most incredible experiences here so you can clear your head from all your worries. Take all the family because kids go FREE [who doesn’t like a bit of free]. We have a zoo where you can see any animal in existence alive or dead [including dinosaurs]. Amazingly, you can book a night at the happy hotel with luxurious rooms, so you fully wind down and you can have breakfast, lunch and tea here as well.

Visit now so you can have some fun after a long day of super boring work.

We promise you won’t regret coming to our incredible emporium because it is:

  • Easy to find
  • Kids go free
  • £5 entry

“Would come here again!” said Will Smith.

We have a limited number of amazing antiques that would look perfect in your living room, life changing experiences and incredible spa rooms.

What are you waiting for, come and have a relaxing day right now.

To book a room or find out how to get here go to

By Manny

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