EPIC Emporium

Are you ever bored in the summer holidays? Have you always wanted to see talking animals or fire that you can touch? Well, why not visit the EPIC Emporium! Why go little old Disney-Land when you can just here and it’s cheaper!


Yes we offer:


  • a whole box of rocket lollies
  • epic sunglasses
  • Free access to private pool


Buy a cake from the bakery and head to the lake but don’t stop there! Have a talk and a walk with your mate. Was that the best day ever? well knock yourself out with a rest.


  • Always wanted to touch a cloud? Easy!
  • Ever seen a bird with rainbow hair, you can ride one here!
  • Little girls out there are you scared of are rides? Well we have a huge princess castle!


“I…I…loved it! It was amazing oh and my kids loved it to! Said Katey Borrow.


  1. A sneak peak of the future.
  2. Only £.30 pounds!
  3. £.10 for kids and £.20 for adults.


  • Open all the time except for New Years eve.
  • Find us in Denson lane TL9 7NB


Visit our website for more information or email us.


Epic Emporium@ hotmail. com www. visit the Epic Emporium.



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