Persuasive Advert

Are you ever annoyed by your kids?Do you and your family ever need a break?In need of a new hobby?Well, come on down to visit ‘Enchanted Emporium’ and get ready for a unique adventure that isn’t even close to fun.Bring along some extreme ideas and maybe if you come you’ll see it.


Lucky Legends

  • Doors hiding mysterious dreams
  • Wild vintage models containing a different story in each one 
  • Rapid creates reay for races


For hours of complete delightfulness just ‘come on down for a quick look round!’Don’t try and force yourself to stay home alone bored with nothing to do.Come on ‘help yourself’ to all you want.We also include-

  • Mythical creatures not prepared for the world
  • Places that are yet do be discovered
  • Whatever your mind envisions


You won’t disapprove a single quest coming from famous ‘Book of Myths and Legends’

“I recommend this as an experience of a lifetime” reported Aysha Bashir from Bolton.


  1. FREE Wifi added
  2. Take as many photos as needed
  3. Magical shows for the kids on every night 
  4. HEMS-History English Math Science for kids to continue learning 


‘Don’t come in a rush just give yourself a push’ 

  • All weekdays 24 hours
  • Weekends from 05:00 – 22:00

Extra information call-06515328429 or click on this link See you soon!

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