Persuasive Advert

Do you want to do something different in life? Are your children sitting on the couch and watching tv all day.If so, why not come to the Magical Emporim.You will be stunned by how cool it is! Jump into your car and come straight down to the Emporium.


Interesting adventures await! We have: Santa Claus who gives presents, a 5 star luxury hotel and a 70 feet water slide.


Just come for a day please.Pop into our shop and shop till you stop! You can’t be the last one to arrive right? Come now and visit the adventures that you have been waiting  for.We can give: 

Unlimited food

A free tour in our zoo

3 books that you can take home


Don’t be the only one to miss out on the 70 feet water slide.


“My kids can’t wait to come back again” said Mustafa Jackson from Wakefield


1 Free cotton candy

2 Any meal for only one pound

3 Arcade games


We are open all week and we are opened from 9.00am to 9.00 pm.You can only find us in Trafford Centre.BD3 68F


Text my team or me and go on our website its

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