The wonderful Emporium

Do your kids ever annoy you?Are you always stressed by your kids because they want to play with you?So come down to the wonderful Emporium.And you also get to see the stuff that you like.The first 100 people to come has to pay £2.50 or £30.00.So come down now.

In our Wonderful Emporium we can provide you :

  • A tour around the Emporium
  • The rooms all have electric things in them
  • And waiters serving food

From a day of pure stress,”hop to our shop and enjoy the adventure.”Please do not be the only person to miss out on all the fun that we have in the wonderful Emporium.You will have a fabulous time here.We can give you:

  • A free hot tub just for you.
  • And a free iphone or samsung charger.

You wont regret coming to the best Emporium in the whole world.

“A fabulous adventure!”Said Mrs L Ali from horrid.

  1. Prizes for the first 10 people
  2. Kids eat free
  3. If something goes wrong we will give you you’re money back
  • We open on saturday and sunday or if kids have school holidays we open 10am to 9pm
  • Find us just on Desert street emporium hotel
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