Visit the enchanting Emporium

Visit the enchanting Emporium!


Are you ever bored and have nothing to do? Well come to our jaw-dropping emporium which will       be an experience of a lifetime. Would you like to be the only one who doesn’t come to our marvelous emporium? Surely not, we would love to welcome you to the Emporium and be   astounded by our    many wonders that will leave you in complete disbelief and surprise.

Come and discover:

  • Ancient, astonishing antiques
  • Stone carved figures which you can make yourself
  • And other speechless things


There are many other things that will leave you in complete awe, amazement and will seem out of this world. We can provide you and your family with:

  • Creatures that have yet not been created
  • As many rooms of wonder you could imagine
  • Anything you want

There are loads of people that come here but mainly celebrities so if you come, you’ll most likely find a celebrity you like. “I’d love to come here again!” said Mrs E Silver.  If you would like to come to our enchanting, fantastic Emporium Visit our website for more details!Our emporium is open Wednesday-Sunday at 9am till 9pm make sure to find us just off the M2.


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