Come visit the Enchanted Emporium

Visit The Enchanted Emporium

Are you feeling bored at the weekend or maybe even questioning why you got up this morning? Well, if so it’s your lucky day since we would love to welcome you to one of the best attractions of the year… The Enchanted Emporium. I suggest you buckle up because it’s going to be an amazing magical ride.

An adventure awaits you my dear friend as are Emporium offers:

  • A wide range of enchanting rooms
  • Life changing- wonders
  • All the best, cultural delicacies


Just come over and enjoy! And, be welcomed at the door with a welcome especially designed for you. We wouldn’t want you to miss out so come now and treat yourself to the experience of a lifetime because you deserve it. We provide the greatest treatment for both you and your family, we provide:

  • Free child entry
  • Fantastic free parking
  • Fabulous tailoring


You and your family will never forget you’re amazing stay at the Enchanted Emporium.

Celebrity, Justin Bieber says “It was absolutely amazing after I left my jaw was gliding along the floor.”


You will be astonished by everything at the emporium from our art classes led by Picasso to our dragon shows that will light up both are ballroom, and your imaginations so visit now as an early visitor gets a discount of 55%.


  • We are open for twenty-four hours
  • We provide a hotel where you will find a comfy and outstanding stay


You can find us at WN3 6UP at McKellen road.

To find out more about us go to We are always waiting for your call.


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