vist legendary emporium

Are you tired of your boring life time ? Do you need to be alone ? Or do you need to travel the world ? If you need answered  all  these you should go to the  legendary emporium and all  you want will come true ! Come with a  happy face s and  be surprised .  

Your special  dream  with offers ;  


  • We have legendary hotels 
  • Epic animals   
  • Sport games ,basketball, football ,boxing ,dacing 
  • We have fun scary rides  

For your best day  of your life. Bust it and beat it come now we offer 

  • You  epic animal will be witing  for you 
  • Your legendary  hotel hal been witing for you 
  • Your tickets for the sport games  will be witing  for you 
  • Your ticket  of the  rides will be  coming soon 

You will never for get  Emporium        

endary  experience !” said  Mr Zain  of the Lion  Academy 

Tickets including ; 

  • Free bon  fire .
  • 10 free tickets  for th rides 
  • Free drink ,food , sweet ,chocolate  and  with a cinema .

We are opening  in 21  hours  and 14  days  a week and 30 st November we  are going to celebrate  Eid .Find us at the great chinese  forest  or visit  our  web  site  at www legendary Emporium .com





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