Mysterious Magic Emporium

Come and visit our Mysterious Magic Emporium.Exitingly,we offer:

  • A very luxury room on SALE,it is CHEAP but your going have to use magic any magic but most is the elf’s magic.
  • Magic smell from every room.
  • Every food gives you a power.

For the happiest day of your life,’run down and do not lose that crown!’

You will not refuse your dream day!

come now  and make yourself.we offer:

  • Magical dream sofas.
  • Dream doors that cant be waited to be opened.

Magic powered  unicorn that gives you any power you’ll need.You’ll never forget your personalisted day straight from the ‘Book Of Magic’.

‘A magic experiece!’ Said Miss Cinderella  of princesses.

Tickets inclued

1.Free ride exept for some

2.50 tokens for offer £15

3. 1 parent and 1 child,free tokens but not over 20.

We are open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week exept for special days which alows us to celebrate.Find us at Scotland or visit our wed site at http://www.magic Where all your funness begins.


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