Today we have exclusive content from Virgil telling us all about his story helping us understand his background. Hi my name Virgil you may know me from the news article about me biting Jimbob I deeply regret it so let get to know me. I’m from Manchester I in fact lived in the stands at old Trafford I can sing man united songs if you like, glory glory man united. “Right Virgil you can stop now”, Oh man your ruining it anyways my mum loves man united my dad does as well so I don’t have much of a choice but I think it all started when I was a kid. I could extend my teeth used to bite my dad in the shoulder I thought it was funny.


My life in Amsterdam wasn’t good my parents looking for me, me looking for them and I was only 13 but now I have matured I’m about to turn 19 I need to get back to Manchester “how was life in prison not that good I got a six pack though so I kept in good shape and still am I would just love to see my mum and dad because I miss them so much are they here? Mum dad! There here im so happy said Virgil with tears in his eyes. 

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