The crimson crusader

With fluffy tail a-flicking, The red squirrel scurries, quick as Lightning. Through branches bare and thick with snow, He hops and jumps, a master show.


His fur as red as a fiery flame, He’s the forest’s pride, its shining claim. With acorns clutched in tiny paws, He stores them up, without any flaws.


He chatters loud, a symphony, Of bang crackle pop. His eyes like jewels, bright and bold, He’s a master of the stories told.


Through the woodlands, he reigns supreme, The crimson crusader, a king of his theme.


The red squirrel is a force to be reckoned with, agile, fierce and strong. He is the master of the forest, the king of the trees, and his red fur is a sight to behold. He is the embodiment of nature’s beauty and power, and his presence in the forest is a reminder of the majesty of the natural world. The end

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