Parrot poem

Soaring, the vivid  coloured parrot flies.

Its arched beak as white as snow.

Luminous. cardinal legs perched on a slim branch.

Their glistening eyes shone in the moonlight.

Hastily, ruffled their silky-smooth feathers.

The  parrot grimaced,

as it gazed into the vast vegetation, thinking it heard something coming.

One Response to “Parrot poem”

  1. Sam, I really like the simple and direct language you use in your poem. The line “Their glistening eyes shone in the moonlight” is especially evocative.

    One thing you might consider improving is adding a bit more detail to the description of the parrot’s emotions. For example, what is the parrot thinking or feeling when it “grimaces”? This could help the reader better understand the bird’s perspective.

    A question I have for you is, what inspired you to write about a parrot? Is there a special significance to the parrot in your life or in the story you are trying to tell?

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