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end game



Jo woke with a start; the wolf slept on. From outside, he could hear loud voices. Peering through a gap, he could just make out a group of guards trying to break into the warehouse. Jo nudged the wolf awake. She lay in the darkness and stared up at him with her warm, bright eyes. He put his finger to his lips to indicate that they should be quiet. Sharp voices barked commands; the wolf let out a throaty growl; Jo gasped.

Crawling across the dusty floor, Jo beckoned to the wolf. Silently, she padded towards him. Crouching down, they hid behind a pile of old wooden crates. Cautiously, Jo tugged a huge tarpaulin across the crates so that no one could possibly find them.

At that moment, somebody entered the warehouse. There was a pause, a sense of someone listening. Torch beams sliced the darkness; footsteps echoed; the guards began to search. Risking a glance, Ebony shadows shifted. A sharp wintry wind seeped through the opened door. Shuddering, Jo cuddled into the warmth of the wolf’s fur. They could wait this out and would move on once the guards had gone.

It seemed like hours, but probably had only been half an hour by the time the guards left. It was night-time now and, in the darkness, the wolf spoke to Jo… without speaking. Their minds seemed almost as 6 one as she explained that she had to reach a gateway. A gateway back to her own world where she would not be hunted.

Jo had an idea that perhaps the gateway was part of the town walls where there was a huge stone arch that once had been fitted with a metal gate. Anxiously, he checked her wound. It still bled; she seemed weaker. The town walls would be a long walk… and dangerous. He wondered whether they would make it.

Jo knew that his family would be worried but there was nothing he could do about that. He had to find the gateway before he could think about getting home. So it was that only the moon and the stars saw two slim shadows, a boy and a wolf, slip through the alleyways heading across town. They made their way, street by street, avoiding checkpoints, locked in a deadly game .

Parrot poem

Soaring, the vivid  coloured parrot flies.

Its arched beak as white as snow.

Luminous. cardinal legs perched on a slim branch.

Their glistening eyes shone in the moonlight.

Hastily, ruffled their silky-smooth feathers.

The  parrot grimaced,

as it gazed into the vast vegetation, thinking it heard something coming.

The dog

Ear  – licker,

the loud dog awaits.

Its eyes are

like crystal balls.

The cramped black

nose like coal.

Flapping ears like

the waves crashing

on the sand.

Fluffy white fur

pas as black as the night sky.

Razor – sharp claws

scratching the door

vigarously  .

Dog – waiting , mouth – dripping

the dog awaits food .

Dog – howls at

the night sky.

Heart beats as its sitting

on its owners lap.

Running as the wind

blows into the dogs face.


Scaly, green and slimy

Blood-thirsty and windy.

focused as a eagle but as green as grass

The  glimmering serpent,

Slithered, rattle rattling

As soon as they caught a glimpse of him,

Pierced squeaks filled the musty air.

The slimy snake let out a drop of glopping venom.

The scar on its back gleamed,

like a white hot glow worm.

Another erratic kill,

the serpent slithered into the pitch-black forest!

crimson squirrel

Ears-twitching, the squirrel darts away.

The squirrel fluffy tail waves in the wind.

The squirrel small-scale legs rapidly carry

it far away.

It’s claws scrapes the bark that has fallen

on the ground.

It frantically searches for a place to

burry it’s nuts.

frozen in fear, a bush rustles as it digs.

The bitter wind ripples over it’s crimson

fur, hoping to survive the night.

Poem (owl)

Snow-covered, the Artic owl awaits.

Eyes like golden wedding rings.

Talons as sharp as a swords tip

Ruffling its clapped feathers.

with the flow of the wind, the owl took flight

stomach growling, hopping for a tasteful delight

Eyes looked, ready swooping towards its unsuspecting prey.

The giraffe

A sky- high animal awaits .

hundreds of spots glisten in the sun

Big footsteps trail behind

The neck  was as tall as the sky.

The  eyes were as astonishing as

the moon taking over

the sun.

The sun- dried  hooves were

as weak as a feather.

So quiet you could hear the air passing by .

Stood their

staring into the deep galaxy.

Eyes clos faster than you can think.

As its feet clench deeper  into the



Silver eyes glisten, the gecko clambers.

Its scales like silk.

Pitch-black spots as dark as a black hole.

The striped tail of the magnificent gecko.

The gorgeous gecko waits for its prey.

Fixed in a trance,  the gecko hunts.

Hoping for a fruitful find.

The Pig Poem

Dirt-ridden, the pig munches food.

Its tail looped around like spaghetti,

Its ears wrapped round like a coiled fossil.

His nose shot up as he played in the slab,

Running through the sloppy mire.

Ooze went all over the piglets.

Eyes are closing,

amazing dreams are on the way!

Giraffe poem

Smooth-strolling, the giant giraffe towers.

Large, choppers breaking down lush green leaves.

Its eyes twitching from flies itching.

Boiling sun, shining on its patterned fluff.

Its steaming feet crunching rocks underneath its dark feet