The escape

There I was, sprinting through the labyrinth like jungle hoping the creature wouldn’t catch me. But then- “Wait, where are you uncle?”  

“HHH i’m sprinting through a labyrinth like jungle”

“Oh ok uncle”

“Where was I ahh”

So I was running for my life through the deep dark jungle as a creature (that wanted to kill me) was after me. Suddenly I heard a “Bang” a tree fell it was close.

The terrifying critter was after me it was only a matter of time before it got me…  

There was one question that was ringing in my ear, am I going to survive? 

Could I take cover?

I could feel the wind from its wings being propelled at my head. There was no turning back now…

I Had to run fast- “What did the creature look like uncle”

“I will tell you later, stop interrupting me please”

“As I was saying before i got rudely interrupted”

I had to run fast I saw a science facility lab DSIS i

incorporated. It seemed like it was beckoning me over. It looked: fancy ; very remote ;and mesmerising.

I rushed over towards the building but it was dark. It was closed…

Even though it was closed, I continued and opened the door hastily And I ran as fast as my legs could carry me through the abandoned lab. I hid in a investigation room and used the comms to try contact help s-

“What are comms uncle lester?”

“Good question timmy it is an communication device.” 

 I was screaming in the walkie talkie i herd a response but it was scramed I could not hear it. A rustling in the cupboard shook… 

A man ran out with a knife and a gun strapped to hid back. He stood dead in his thracks. “Привет, я застрял здесь с тех пор, как животное выбралось” it was russian i knew a bit back then it translated to hi  i have been stuck here ever since the animal got out .


So he ran out to the forest. The man got attacked by the creature it had: wings had the most fragile fur wings a colourful scaly tail and an massive eye.

Am I going to escape this place? 

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