Session 2 Blog Challenge

1.Above the ocean ,shells shimmered in the sunlight and people ran along the sure

Below the ocean, sea creatures swam and listened to the people up top. Thinking  will they ever get the chance to see the sun.


2.Outside the house horses galloped and shared their feelings with the world.Inside the house people moaned how life wasn’t fair and that they wanted to go outside  even though they knew they weren’t allowed.


3.In the hall people cheered and laughed in the sun knowing they were the one to find things and bring happiness.Outside of the hall people screamed whilst others were sad at what they turned into when they  knew this wasn’t them and that somebody had taken their good soles and put them into bad.


4.Up North Santa made presents ready for every boy and girl in the world when he didn’t notice that behind a present was a small elf waiting to have a ride on his sleigh.Down South where Arctic foxes and polar bears roamed the snow, looking below for food or water just something to keep them going.


5.Above the distant hills ,the sun set and Animals collected food for there hibernation were others played and got ready for there Christmas. Beside the mountain a sad bear who had never seen Christmas looked at the happy animals as he drifted to sleep.


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