chapter 2


Chapter 2 The beast


There was no way out! Suddenly Joe saw  his shadow casted over him, 

Joe looked to his left and saw a door. He dashed through the door as Joe looked around he saw piles of old metal and broken crates and holes in the wall. But what scared him the most was there was no way out! Then he saw the robber holding a knife, Joe fell in fear “no way out now”. 


he said suddenly he saw tow brit red eyes and a simmering white horn suddenly a Rhino emerged from the darkness and let out a horrifying noise. The robber ran away fast “thanks” he said.  Joe did not know why he was talking to a Rhino “I need your help” Joe`s jaw dropped he said “did you just talk?” Joe was so amazed “I must find the gardens,” said the Rhino.

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