Ibrahim’s interaction

Ibrahim’s interaction


Outside, the mist howled as loud as an earthquake. Inside, Ibrahim rumbled outside of the rusted dumbwaiter in an ancient house looking for anywhere that he could fit in to hide. Broken tables leaned towards each other creating lots of friction, old laundry reeked and a washing machine shook.

To his panic, the doors were locked and the dumbwaiter broke. He was trapped…


In front of him, the creepy woman stood firmly in the hall, a shard of glass illuminated in her hand. Ibrahim gasped…


… but right at that second, something roared louder than a steam train. Out of the shadows, not only breath but fire blew out of its mouth, a dash of purple scales and the sharpest pair of claws. Whatever this thing was, flew right in the middle of Ibrahim and the woman. 


It was humongous. Humongous and purple. Ibrahim then found out that he was standing next to a massive dragon. It breathed in and pretended to blow out fire. At this second, the woman ran and never looked back. Ibrahim glued his feet to the ground, frozen in fear.


The dragon fell to the ground, facing Ibrahim,exhausted. He could see that she was hurt. A red liquid dribbled onto the floor, near her foot. He had never looked or been so close to an animal so big and beautiful. He could smell the salty and airy scent and watched as she touched her sparkly scales.


They stared at each other for hours and Ibrahim felt like she had a mind-reading power, looking further and further into his mind. But, the fear he had inside of him faded and he spread out his hand. She crawled forwards and sniffed. Then she licked his soft hand with her tough, hot tongue. Her eyes felt like a waterfall. He could see bravery and a hint of sadness.


At that millisecond, she spoke. A deep, scared voice that was deeper than a cliffhanger. It was a voice that could move the mountains, volcanoes and the earth. “I seek help from you,” she quietly said. “We must find the gateway.”


Ibrahim confusedly stared back, his head nodded as if he knew what she said. He felt himself saying that he would move the earth for this magnificent creature. Anything. “I will be followed,” uttered the dragon, “so we must hide.”


15 minutes later, Ibrahim and the dragon crawled through the streets, stopping at the ancient Iblociously aeroplane centre. No one ever set foot in there. Rumour had it that the ghosts of Hogwarts haunted the place, but last summer Ibrahim walked in and he often looked at the tools. The dragon flew and fell asleep in the shadows. Ibrahim kept watch. 

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