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Persuasive Letter to Cylone the superhero

Dear Cylone,

I am writting to persuade you to come to Pakistan and get rid of kidnapping and stealing.

My first reason is kidnapping and stealing is very common in Pakistan in Pakistan we need help RIGHT NOW.

I would also like to add that Uzair Jan Baloch, the robber just robbed the bank and it has affected Pakistan ALOT.

Furthermore, I am concerned that if you don’t arrive to Pakistan before Uzair Jan Baloch robbs he can even KILL PEOPLE NOW so we really need you.

To build on this concern, If I where you I would make a cylone to Pakistan.

I would like to piont out that, people say superhero’s are really dramatically made.

On the other hand, many people want to know how you got your power and there not believing you have power.

Some people even claim that, your the worst but we believe your the best.

Although, some people suggest you visiting is an awful idea, we believe it will help the people in Pakistan.

However, the country council are not 100% sure about the visit.

Alternatively, you can teach children what to do if you see a robber or a kidnapper and visit other country’s and support local police.

The main reason for this is, it will help us know you are real and you can allways be there to help us.

We believe this must happen it will make our country a better and safer place to live.

Thank you for reading my letter, I hope you come soon.

Your sincerely,

Hadiyah BP Y4

The email

Dear  Elektra,

I am writing this email to persuade you to stop following Batwoman and go back to living a normal life  with your family.
My first point is that for 5 years you have been behind Batwoman’s back and never took a break from her .

She treats you like dirt and thinks you’re a robot

. I think you need to be treated better than this .Have you not been seeing  the way she ignores you in public when her fans are around her?

Do you not remember when Batwoman forgot who you were  ? 

Have you not noticed every time her fans want to take a photo  she doesn’t want you to be in it ?.

I am also concerned about if this is going to affect your studies like your math because from what i’ve been seeing your scores   have been very  low  for 

example 28 out of 40, 11/100 and all sorts ,  i don’t know if it’s because of the following Batwoman ,you have been doing great at English  but you just need to do great at the other lessons not just  your English

To build on this,I would like to say that you need to do well in your exams that are coming up next year  and if you get a good score you will be able to be a superhero again.

 Batwoman can see how hard it is doing your job while you’re at school doing your exams.She is older and has probably already graduated from university now it’s your turn to graduate  plus she is richer and has so many people waiting to be a superhero.

Have you ever sat back and relaxed and wondered what would happen if you’re busy in school?

 have never thought that Batwoman will fire you and you will have nowhere to go because you have decided not to study for your exams. 


To summarise,why not give up following Batwoman and go back to your studies and live the life that Batwoman has.
Your sincerely -Superwoman



Dear flash

I am writing this email to persuade you to not be a superhero in DC because the faster you get the faster your enemy approaches.

My first point is that for the last few months, you have been fighting godspeed, having a race and losing. He treats you like a villain and I think you should not beat him in a race and you should not be stronger than him. He has been fighting you for years and you should not have more power, IQ and durability than him, you should be slower than the reverse flash, zoom and black flash. You will be in trouble when they get faster so you should be alert, ask all of your friends to help and you should stop being a superhero because all of the villains are stronger than you, you are in danger.
Also, I am disappointed that you are weak and your strength is low and your friends are stronger than you even though they are humans. You might be able to run as fast as the wind but you will have no idea where you will go when your friends leave you alone. You did well against zoom but all the other flashes are stronger than you.
To build on this concern, I would like to point out that if you do not beat black flash then you might lose your job. It is alright for Thor because he is one of the strongest avengers in the whole marvel. My concern is that when all the avengers fight you, you will be doomed and you will not be in the DC.
Besides, have you ever thought what would happen to you if all your friends get angry at you and all of your enemies are training to beat you, you’re in danger.

To summarise, why not give up your career and come out of DC. Get back to your normal life. You will be safe at home. There is no point being a superhero if you’re always in danger and always dying for the rest of your life.
Yours sincerly

The supergirl gets detected

Dear Brooklyn,


I am writing this email to persuade you to stop working with supergirl and find a place in harvard.I will gently ask you to stop hanging out with supergirl.

My first point is that for the last few weeks supergirl was training you to feel 

Weak which is really unusual of her to do that.You are always sick and tired 

And you know why,it’s all because of that liquid you have been drinking!

That is poison!You deserve way more better than this! Please stop drinking it. 


Also,I am concerned that you will never know what happened to her and why.It

all started when Doctor Fate diagnosed Supergirl who suffered from a severe case of

survivor guilt and PTSD,and “Dark Supergirl” was a physical manifestation from her physiological  trauma,which was literally crushing her.Also there’s one more thing to say,you really are behind on your studies and will have to do more studying 

to a championship into college then to university.


To build on this concern,I would like to explain that if you do not study well in these tests,all the good thoughts of having a decent job will disappear.It is kind of fair for supergirl because shes like 36 and your like 21.She has superpowers,she has a job and owns 7

Story mansion and is a millionaire.

But that’s not all…she’s the editor of CatCoWorldWide Media.Well young lady I suggest you to leave her and go back to studies,just for your own safety.


Besides,have you been sitting there and just thought what would happen if

you were unlucky enough to get hurt?

I have been concerned that therefore Supergirl is putting you in danger.


To summarize this,why not give up this risky and danger walking career of yours and come out of that Supergirl’s caution mind.Go back and try hard to get full A’s in your levels in technology and become the smartest and the best!

Your Sincerely,Hareem ]}}}}

super letter

Dear guardians of the galaxy,


I am writing this letter  to persuade you to go on  a vacation.


My first point is that you work so hard not only to protect one planet, a whole galaxy, I bet your bones ache wherever you go secondly, because you need to rest from the grand unifier raker battle. And because you’re not resting enough it could become a major health issue  like broken bones and even illness like ear infections and throat infections from all this smoke. I think you all deserve better. Isn’t it  always you who  gets there first?  Haven’t you considered a vacation  haven’t you noticed how all the villains of the galaxy target you? I don’t think that it is fair and I think you should go somewhere on a holiday. Imagine all the  relaxing and resting youm could do. 


Also, I am concerned because last time I checked you hadn’t gone to one of your health checkups in the last year and a half. Last year wasn’t half as bad as this year, and you might be able to win a fight but not without getting hurt, let alone injuries.you did so well in prison but not so well out.


To build on my concern I would like to point out that no villains have attacked for a long time  so it seems you have the time  and plus there are lots of benefits like you’ll be relaxed , calm, happy, and energized.

My concern is that you won’t be able to do this when you get older.


Have you sat back and thought about how bad it would be if you were to get seriously injured and had to put an end to your career. I think it is  bad that you have been taking greater risks and putting yourself in danger.


Therefore why not have a week’s rest and go out to the sunny cities to chill and have fun.


Your sincerely


persuasive letter

Dear Deadpool,

I am writing this email to try and get you to stop talking to Wolverine and focus more on your original life.

My first reason is that for our whole experience of saving people,he has been treating you like garbage and you are always cleaning up after his mistakes! He barely even cares about you and I think that you need to be treated better than that.Dont you realise that he has been getting every little dime off of the captain? Have you noticed that even though everyone says no, his name is always on the newspapers? I want to argue that you deserve better.

On top of that, I am worried that you haven’t been doing too well on your papers.Last month, your SAT’s were so bad that your teacher (Mr Sweeney) told you that you will have to repeat your class! You are very strong but you don’t even know what 11 rounded to the nearest tenth is, let alone where to find the capital of The Philippines! You are very good in your physical education but in other subjects, you need to do better.

My second point is that if you do awful on your exams, then your dreamsof being like your idol, Lionel Messi will disappear. It is ok for Wolverine,he owns a black 2024 chrysler E8, sharp claws and is the owner of the Wembley Stadium! My concern is that when you get older you wont have an option like this.

Yours sincerely – Superman

Dear Kate Bishop,

Dear Hawkeye/Kate Bishop,


I am writing this letter to persuade you to stop putting your life at risk and get yourself a real job.


My first point is that you are a suspect in every crime you investigate. Clint Barton (your ‘so called trainer’) treats you like you are just a little kid who’s still learning. I presume you are thinking this too. Have you realised he blames you for all of the trouble? Doesn’t he make you feel like you’re just his back-up? Don’t you think that he just wants to be famous? You should be his trainer!


Also, I am troubled by the thought of you failing exams. A few years ago, you hardly managed to get into Uni! Your accuracy in archery is perfect but your accuracy in spelling is not so great. You don’t know how to spell arrow, let alone Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! You get full marks in archery but you need to catch up in everything else. 


Furthermore, have you lay down in bed, stressed? Have you been having headaches because of your intense training?  I am worried that you are being pushed too far and Clint is making you vulnerable.


To summarise, why not leave the pressure and excel in Uni. Leave Hawkeye’s “protection”  and hopefully graduate. Your experience of investigating will help you with problem solving. If you graduate, you can take a job as a detective with me.

Yours mysteriously – Mukti

The guardians of the galaxy

Dear guardians of the galaxy ,


I am writing this to you to encourage you to stop fighting the Blue beetle because you need to take care of yourself.


My reason is that you should stop  following blue beetles. You have been following him for many years and he is taking all the credit . Doesn’t he? He treats you horribly. You need to take a break and focus on your studies . He always looks like a  hero making you look like you have not done anything .You can not do this to yourself . Doing all that hard work ,for nothing. I think you should tell the world about it .


I am worried that you will get hurt by the traps he makes and if you do not do well in your studies. You might not get a good job but Blue beetle has already got a job to be a spy . 


You need to focus because you can beat him if you concentrate and focus on your studies. Remember when you were the smartest person in school? You can do it ! You just need to find Blue beetle traps and avoid them. 


Another point is, if you do not do well on your exams, what will you do when you can not handle the pain and need to retire?  There is no worry for Blue beetle; he has already got this planned for himself . I am worried about what you will do in the future . Trying to get a quick job like Blue beetle is going to help you a little bit like being a spy. Blue beetle has got fancy cars, you need to study to get that. I know you can .


Have you ever thought to yourself what might happen if you put yourself in danger to save someone or something and, Blue beetle takes all the credit making your life at risk.


Why not study and beat blue beetles? Go back to school and show the blue beetle who’s boss and don’t fall for his traps. You can also be good at technology , be a doctor or even a teacher. At least you will get some money and do something in life .


Your friend- Batman

Persuasive letter to wonder girl help our town

Dear Wonder girl ,

I am writing to persuade you to help me make the world a better place . my first reason is that people don’t   respect each other and people are not   peace makers .I would also like add that people keep on kidnapping children each day .Further , more ,I am concerned that if you don’t come to our town children will vanish and maybe there will be no more children making the world a better place .To build on this concern I would like you to come as fast as you can to save the children . I would like to point out that towns that have local super heroes have no children vanishing.On the other the other hand ,many people argue that if you come here you might  take away their slaves .some people claim that  you are not the right super hero for this job but we believe that you can help us.

Thank you for reading my letter I hope you come to our town 

By Clare

Super heros

Dear Spider Man,

I am writing to persuade you to come and visit my city and help me to saught out all the bad things.

My first reason is the bad guys are stealing things. I would also like to add that the black vans are every were.

Further more, I am worried that if you dont come to our city then our country will be worrs than other country so come as quickly as you can.

To build on this concern, There have been lots of car robberies at night. i would like to point at that, the reason is statisitics have shown the super hero in town reduses crime.

On the other hand, many people argie that super hero are not comming to our country to help us fix this country.

Some people claim that, some superheros don’t help people at all. Although some people suggest we believe that, superheros will visit us.

However, the town council are not sure about the idea of out visit .

Alternatively, you could visit local schools and delever Assemblies staff what do if see crime commited have we  won’t take it away it anymore.

The main reason for this is, it will have  a lasting  an community after you gone so people will know to do the right thing.

Thank you for reading my letter , I hope you come to Bolton soon.

your Sincerely Muhammad raza