chapter 3

Jake woke up startled; the bear snored on and off. Outside he could hear jumbled voices and bangs against the door. Jake tip-toed over to a peep in the wall. Outside a big group of guys in black suits were trying to break down the door to the house. Jake quickly woke up the bear and put his hand on the bears lips to be quite. They hopped out the living room window until the bear caught his fur on the ledge of the window an let out a mighty roar. Now they had to hurry before they caught them. 


They rushed behind a truck load of crates and laid down so that the guards passed by. Jake grabbed a sheet of tarp and covered the bears injuries. 


At that moment ,someone entered the barn. Jake quickly found another tarp and covered both of them. There was a big pause of silence. Flashlights slashed the darkness; footsteps echoed; the suspense was killing them. Jake risked a glance. There was five big tall shadows looking in the opposite direction. There was a big gust of wind as the guards left. Slamming the door behind them. It seem like forever since the guards left.


 It was only probably half an hour ago. The bear talked to him. But not in words, Through their minds. The bear was telling him that there was a portal. A gateway back to her home. Where she won’t be hunted.


Jake had an idea that the portal could be the abandoned toilets in the kiosk at the beach. Jake checked on the bears wound. It was still badly bleeding. The beach could be a big walk for the bear but the bear was strong, she could push through it.


Jake knew his family was worried about him but he had to help this bear. There was nothing he could do about it. they headed down the alleyways avoiding the police stations. Now they were in a deadly game of cat and mouse

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