Chapter 3

For a moment Adam was daydreaming. Quickly, he snapped back to reality. The silence was shattered as he heard a board creaking on the floor. Adam didn’t dare to move a muscle incase someone heard him. The room was full of baited breath as Adam’s legs were shaking. His parents were worried about him. A few hours had passed by. Footsteps suddenly drew closer to him. If he just stayed still, if he just stayed silent maybe he could make his way out later. He desperately wanted to get leave the room he was in. Boards were creaking all around him. Shadows shifted from side to side. Adam’s heart was pounding, his legs were shaking, and his palms were sweating. Panic and fear rose even higher as he attempted to get to the exit. It felt like he was being stalked. A gust of wind blew through the shattered window. He thought he could find a rope and climb down the broken window. It was very early in the morning. “Who are you and what do you want?” Adam spoke.

“I need your help!” replied the cheetah.

“What help?” he asked.

“Huntsman are trying to kill me!” he whispered.

“I need to get to the gateway! he murmured.

“Ok I’ll get you there safely.” Adam responded.

“If you get me there I’ll be immortal again and alive.” Cheetah exclaimed. Adam and Cheetah made their way out of the abandoned building. They searched around cluelessly trying to find the gateway. There! They crept silently to it, avoiding the guards as much as possible. They almost got caught.

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