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Mission persuade Wonder Women

Dear Wonder women,

I am writing this email to you because  these last few years you’ve been really old and I think it’s time to move on.

To build onto this concern, the last few years you have not been that healthy, I mean you’re 81. Many people agree that maybe you should quit because your to old, or maybe just find a different job that suites you best. Personally I think you would be a great model or an Actor, but that’s just my opinion you could be anything you want , JUST NOT A SUPERHERO!

I am also concerned about your health I mean have you even been having any medical tablets? You were an amazing super Women   But maybe just stick with princess Diana because I hope you’re not going to be a superhero any more.

However, you could stay a super hero but do you want to get hurt badly? Do you want to risk your live !?

(No offence to your job) Your friend Safiyyah

Batgirl quites


Dear batgirl

I am righting to you to convince you to stop beighing  a superhero ,because several years people have been arguing that you are making the world a worse place,so please stop. If you stop you can do much more things and the crew does not need you. Also if you make the would a worse place it does not help.Thank you for time you when you were on the crew.

From Batman .

Harry Potter

Dear Ron and Hermione

Are you fed up with Harry taking all the credit you need to take some credit as well. The title of the film and the books are named after him your names should be on the title to. Its always Harry conquering the beasts and in the paper it’s time for you to step in.

Yours Neville Long-bottom

Dear Hulk

Dear Hulk

Hulk  you need to stop your job because your to old.
All you Have is your muscles and no money, get a new job like Batman and Iron man.

Just  go back to normal world instead of trying to be a superhero.

But you could be a body builder instead of being a superhero your life depends on it.

Hulk your probably 81 years old and you need to retire or you will get terminated and die.
By our army’s and you will be band from existence

How old will you be until you retire? Have you sat on the sofa and thought about your life?
Just go back to your normal life as a dad.

Your Irony: Iron man

Dear black widow

Dear black widow

I am twping to you because I think every other superhero doesn’t believe you

So I now declare that you do you and save the the world.

For its safety. It is unfair that you don’t get paid and save the fait of humanity.

You are my favrot superhore so I gonna try to convert you because no one els

Believes you I here’d about you in someone’s house the only surperhero that

Believes you might be black panther?

I am not furecher yet though? But how did you be come a surperhero?

Panther – Chapter 3

Suddenly thunder and lightning struck so the animal stood out more, this creature was magnificent! It took a while to see this animal and to realise how beautiful it is. Deafening silence spreaded the streets were no-one was. Now Adam saw why there was no people went down that street, because it’s dangerous and dark. All of the sudden the creature kind of done a sort of call. He looked closer and saw a bite or a scar across its arm! It was hurt,  badly. Adam sat in silence trying to figure out what to do while he tried to keep the creature warm. As he huddled up with the animal his heart skipped to beat when he heard thumper stomps going forth and back repeatedly. He heard a man ask someone ‘Have you seen a little boy perhaps with dark brown hair and black eyes?’ 

At this point Adam had a feeling it was him, but luckily next to him there was a poster that said missing boy, good thing it wasn’t Adam though. The sun was starting to rise bigger and brighter but Adam wanted to stay for longer because he couldn’t just leave the animal here. “I need to go now.” 

The creature looked at Adam deep into his eyes, he looked back gasing into its fiery golden eyes. “I guess it’s worth it to save the world and to make you feel better.” Adam replied to its stair.

He couldn’t believe the animal looked like this in its state it’s in. Adam needed to find out what has made these scratches but not right now. It turned dark again as Adam gassed up into the night sky, owls and birds flying around spiders making webs. He started to forget what they were doing but eventually he remembered. They ended up deciding to leave the Animal there so it won’t get more hurt. Adam spotted a path to the way he needs to go so he followed that and said to the animal “I’ll come back for you later ok.” 

Cautiously Adam followed the path down.

Chapter 3

For a moment Adam was daydreaming. Quickly, he snapped back to reality. The silence was shattered as he heard a board creaking on the floor. Adam didn’t dare to move a muscle incase someone heard him. The room was full of baited breath as Adam’s legs were shaking. His parents were worried about him. A few hours had passed by. Footsteps suddenly drew closer to him. If he just stayed still, if he just stayed silent maybe he could make his way out later. He desperately wanted to get leave the room he was in. Boards were creaking all around him. Shadows shifted from side to side. Adam’s heart was pounding, his legs were shaking, and his palms were sweating. Panic and fear rose even higher as he attempted to get to the exit. It felt like he was being stalked. A gust of wind blew through the shattered window. He thought he could find a rope and climb down the broken window. It was very early in the morning. “Who are you and what do you want?” Adam spoke.

“I need your help!” replied the cheetah.

“What help?” he asked.

“Huntsman are trying to kill me!” he whispered.

“I need to get to the gateway! he murmured.

“Ok I’ll get you there safely.” Adam responded.

“If you get me there I’ll be immortal again and alive.” Cheetah exclaimed. Adam and Cheetah made their way out of the abandoned building. They searched around cluelessly trying to find the gateway. There! They crept silently to it, avoiding the guards as much as possible. They almost got caught.

Chapter 3

Deafening silence filled the room, the floorboards began to creak. Ivy and Ada in fear of discovery of the thing, the girls were shaking all over by now and, had butterflys in their tummys . Neither of them dared to move a muscle, and at that moment the clock struck 1: am in the morning. “Should we go, the footsteps have seemed to go?”Ada said carefully in a low voice to Ivy, “no and no!” Answered Ivy to Ada in a steady voice. By now spooky hours had invaded, some people say that 1: am is the spooky hour and indeed they were correct. Suddenly a gust of wind opened the door, what were Ivy and Ada to do? Hide or go and investigate what made that sound. There were no shadows, whispers or noises about, they were well hidden they both stayed just like a statue.

It seemed like hours but only had been minutes, the cost was clear for now. Ivy and Ada could see the eyes of golden fire which belonged to the one and only wolf, “we must go” the girls both said, he did not answer back. He walked to the gateway with Ivy and Ada. Would the wolf survive or would he be gone forever? Every minute they may stop and listen to the wolfs heartbeat and find that it was getting worse they would also found that he was very injured! All of them could see the moonlight twinkling in the sky. The stars glimmered and the buildings were as tall as ever. They turned left. But did they make it or were they to late?

Lion – Saviour – Chapter 3

Adam suddenly woke up with a start; but the Lion slept on.

From outside he could hear loud voices, they were all obviously looking for Adam’s Lion! Peering through the windows Adam could just make out a group of guards trying to break into the building that Adam and his Lion were in!

The magnificent Lion with a flowing mane lay quietly in the darkness. Adam stroked the Lion awake. The Lion woke up as she looked straight at Adam in the eye. Just then, Adam signalled the her to be absolutely silent by putting his finger on his lips. Sharp, cold voices let out commands for them to evacuate the building!


At that moment the silence was shattered by a strange echo of footsteps in the hallway. Was an intruder approaching?

The whole room was waiting in baited breath. Adam quickly peered out from behind a rusted old crate. A torch light began to invade, even the darkest corners of the room. Whispers were dancing through the air, as shimmering dust floated through the room. Abruptly, a gust of wind shot over the room, as the door slowly opened… If he just stayed still… if he just stayed quiet…


After what seemed like hours, but was surely only a matter of minutes, Adam dared take a glance from his hiding spot. The coast was clear…for now.

“Lion, we must go to the gateway – they’ll be back any second.” Adam gasped breathlessly. The mythical creature gazed up at him, eyes soaring into his soul. In moments, Adam knew what they had to do… locate the gateway…. He already knew that the gateway would save her life. If he could help her reach it, then she could enter, and return to her own world, to infinity, to… immortality. Anxiously Adam checked her wound… It still bled; she seemed weaker. She was not in a good condition… Getting to the gateway would be a challenge… 

they had no choice.


Moments later, Lion and Adam made their way out of the ‘safe-for-no-longer’ building that had only been a safe haven for short time, and out into the gloomy alleyway ahead. Silent as a ghost, the small boy and his creature hurried down the labyrinth of side streets heading for the Ossulstone. A sliver of moonlight shone down on them. And the sky was scattered of a thousand galaxies. As they journeyed on, they avoided countless checkpoints and slipped away from every guards gaze. It was a hunt… and they were prey. Would they reach safety? Or would this mission be their last?

Chapter 3 – Snake

“Hello?”asked this unidentified creature, Adam instantly woke.

“You can talk?”replied Adam in amazement .

“Yes inde-,”Suddenly the sound of glass crashed on the floor board like  someone was breaking in; an enemy. Adam knew it was bad, like the unknown man snitched on them. He heard cracking in the distant hallways, someone was hunting this mythical beast. By now many bad thoughts rose, higher and higher. Adam silently searched around the room, until, a powerful sound of a drilling machine rang their ears and was tearing into the ancient walls. At that moment, suddenly Adam stopped,

“What’s wrong?” asked the mythical creature.

“They’re coming, fast,”the distance sound of footsteps and loud drilling came closer and closer.Shuddering, clicks of something like a flashlight came closer, or the rain. Adam couldn’t even comprehend anything, he was just afraid of what was in the hallways. Without warning the unknown group all went quiet, Adam was confused.

“Nothing here,” shouted a man in the distance, Adam sighed, he felt a moment of relief.

“We’re safe for n-,”a crash of sound rattled into the walls, they were coming their way! He knew, they had to hide, so quietly and cautiously they ventured through the worn out building. Slowly, they creped along the damp floor boards. A slash of light struck the ground, the outraged storm towered over them blocking out the moonlight and the howling wind banged on the helpless windows. Darkness sliced the light making the torches to nothing, the floor filled with dust the floor had collected and broken wooden crates lay scattered on top of each other, scattered on the dirty floor. Adam started to panic, nowhere to hide, his breathing was deep and rapid, heart pounding, shivering, he quietly sprinted across the room in terror as quick as he could to try and find a hiding spot. After searching around and around, he found it, Behind some crates stacked on top of each other. Quickly, they dashed to safety, just in time. The group entered the room and searched with their flashlights. Adam held his breath, not daring to breathe until the guards left.

“By the way, my name is Snake,”whispered Snake. Adam nodded his head, they had to wait this out. After what seemed like long, boring hours but was probably a couple of minutes, Adam took a deep breathe and risked a glance, the coast was clear… for now. The raging storm disappeared but left traces of the furious wind, evil fog trapped people in their houses and wind sliced through the air.

“We’ve got to go, they will be back any second,”whispered Adam. There was no response, silence, Snake just gazed at him. Snake’s golden, fiery eyes reached into his souls and sent him a message. Moments later, he received the message and knew he had to locate the gateway. The gateway would save him and Snake would turn into an immortal, travelling different worlds. Adam knew he had to help him because he couldn’t do it himself. Without warning, Adam checked Snake’s pulse, it was poor, he had trouble breathing and he was very weak and the blood from his wound was seeping out. They had no choice but to locate the gateway. At once, they decided to leave the safest place which had turned into the most dangerous place. They dashed across the gloomy alleys while being as silent as a ghost. The huge moon was gleaming above them, like a shiny ball. Roads were empty like a cup of air. The colossal buildings lights turning off, slowly. One by one. They continued their journey, until, a checkpoint was in their way , it had guards, if they saw them bad thing might happen. In an instant, Adam searched around the checkpoint and the Snake followed after. Adam found another route and avoided the guards. Would they be caught or will they succeed in their mission?