Lion – Saviour – Chapter 3

Adam suddenly woke up with a start; but the Lion slept on.

From outside he could hear loud voices, they were all obviously looking for Adam’s Lion! Peering through the windows Adam could just make out a group of guards trying to break into the building that Adam and his Lion were in!

The magnificent Lion with a flowing mane lay quietly in the darkness. Adam stroked the Lion awake. The Lion woke up as she looked straight at Adam in the eye. Just then, Adam signalled the her to be absolutely silent by putting his finger on his lips. Sharp, cold voices let out commands for them to evacuate the building!


At that moment the silence was shattered by a strange echo of footsteps in the hallway. Was an intruder approaching?

The whole room was waiting in baited breath. Adam quickly peered out from behind a rusted old crate. A torch light began to invade, even the darkest corners of the room. Whispers were dancing through the air, as shimmering dust floated through the room. Abruptly, a gust of wind shot over the room, as the door slowly opened… If he just stayed still… if he just stayed quiet…


After what seemed like hours, but was surely only a matter of minutes, Adam dared take a glance from his hiding spot. The coast was clear…for now.

“Lion, we must go to the gateway – they’ll be back any second.” Adam gasped breathlessly. The mythical creature gazed up at him, eyes soaring into his soul. In moments, Adam knew what they had to do… locate the gateway…. He already knew that the gateway would save her life. If he could help her reach it, then she could enter, and return to her own world, to infinity, to… immortality. Anxiously Adam checked her wound… It still bled; she seemed weaker. She was not in a good condition… Getting to the gateway would be a challenge… 

they had no choice.


Moments later, Lion and Adam made their way out of the ‘safe-for-no-longer’ building that had only been a safe haven for short time, and out into the gloomy alleyway ahead. Silent as a ghost, the small boy and his creature hurried down the labyrinth of side streets heading for the Ossulstone. A sliver of moonlight shone down on them. And the sky was scattered of a thousand galaxies. As they journeyed on, they avoided countless checkpoints and slipped away from every guards gaze. It was a hunt… and they were prey. Would they reach safety? Or would this mission be their last?

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