Chapter 3 (the hiding)

Chapter 3 (the hiding)


Amaya continued to watch; the panda was fast asleep. Slightly watching the panda, Amaya heard great big voices coming from the outside. She could see a herd of guards trying to get into the shop: Amaya poked the panda. The pandas’ minty glimmery eyes opened. Amaya softly whispered ssh. Crowded voices snarled. The panda gasped; Amaya sat silent.


Slithering around the crooked corner floor. Amaya crawled closer to the panda. They hid behind the musty counter.Amaya made sure the curtains behind the counter so that they could escape.


It was then, someone approached the shop. Silence had entered the room. Bright lights beamed, steps came closer by the minute. Risking a stare midnight shadow dragged across the room. A blast of wind rushed through from the door. Shivering, Amaya snuggled into the panda. They could escape after the intruders had gone.


It felt like days,but it had only been about 1 hour since the people had gone. It was evening now and in the ebony light they read each other’s minds. The panda was saying she needed to find the getaway so she could go home.


Amayas eyes lit up, that meant she had an idea. Maybe the gateway was closer to the town. There was a gate that said do not enter! 


Delicately she checked the panda’s damaged ear. It was still bleeding. She looked iller and the town hall was not local and it would be a huge risk.


Amaya knew she had to get home soon but this was more important. She had to take the panda to the getaway. There stood a girl and a panda in the moonlight. They travelled alleyway to alleyway. They did not know how to get there.

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