Chapter 3: A close call

Oliver started to get tired as the snake awoke .Outside, the snake could hear footsteps and a voice booming “If you do not find this beast there will be no payment for several weeks!!!”

Oliver and the snake quickly hid, just as the door toppled over. Opening a storage crate, Oliver told the snake to be quiet as they got in. Oliver nailed it shut and said “Don’t worry I can pry it open with my sword.”


Then silence fell it was as if sound itself was holding its breath. An angry torch light sped around the room. Oliver peeped through a tiny **** in the crate, shadows still stalked and lingered as Oliver cuddled the snake. They waited. As the guards would have to leave sometime.

Eventually, the first guard said “Let’s call it a day,if it was here we’d have found it by now.”

“Sounds good.” said guard number 2. And with the ding of a bell they were gone. 


Oliver pried the crate open as the snake explained they needed to get to the paradox, as it was the only way for the snake to get back home. “What is this paradox?” asked Oliver

“It is a shard of space and time that sends anything back to its home planet, it’s dangerous though.” stated the snake. Oliver thought he knew where the paradox was, it was in the desolate bunker in the woods, the only problem was “I can’t make it to the bunker!” exclaimed Oliver. 


Oliver’s family would be worried sick, but for some reason he wanted to help the snake.

They slowly snuck around the checkpoint and night-guards, this was a scarce game of pacman.

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