Chapter 3 Cat and mouse

Mina woke eyes wide open;the owl stayed sleeping,sat like a loaf of bread.She sighed in relief as the owl as she thought he would of escaped.All Of a sudden, a cacophony of voices appeared,the sounded like guards trying to knock the door down.They had to hide.


Mina searched the cabin top to bottom for something to cover her and the creature,she noticed a grey sheet of tarpaulin,it was perfect!Mina threw it over the owl;crawling under it as well.”Where coming in!”said a voice trying to scare anything in the cabin.


Bang!the door jolted open,slamming against the wall and a herd of guards poured into the building;the owl’s eyes flashed open but Mina soothed him telling the owl the situation.It went quiet,as if they were listening to them.A trapezium sliced the darkness;voices echoed and the hunt began.Cautiously,Mina peered under the cover,sharp shadows ran around the room as an icy wind seeped into the cabin.Mina shivered,falling into the owl’s warm feathers.This was fine the could wait this out…


Half an hour later,all the guards had left,once Mina realised this she threw the dirty tarp her muscles aching from cramps.Suddenly, an idea sparked into her head;the owl unruffled his beautiful feathers.”I think I might have an idea…”


The duo walked out into the grey,cold world and started trekking through the gloomy forest.After some time they reached the edge of the forest and knew when the stepped over onto the streets and were seen they would die.Sneakily, they ran through the town avoiding checkpoints as best they could.It was cat and mouse.

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