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leter to cobra king

Dear cobra king,

I am writing to persuade you to retire and go back to doing normal life things.

My first reason is that you are scaring people when you are in your snake form and mostly ChildrenAs you look like a venomous snake ,king cobra (the longest snake in the world).

I would like to argue that you do not protect the city as well as other superheroes. You only saved two people in the last year. Furthermore, I am concerned that you’re stinging some people when you did not mean it(so they are paralysed for one minute).

To build up this concern you could not save the most popular Skateboarder (shakes)Because he was too high in the sky and you climbed the highest building in the city and super jumped and almost saved him.

Although some people suggest that when they hear your catch phrase they are happy to see you, we believe that you are scaring people because of the venom in the katanas (the long single edged sword). Do you think that all of the citizens should be afraid of superheroes?

To summarise, you add to the problem that the city faces and people wonder if you ate a superhero or a villain. If I were you I would retire and get a job.

Yours sincerely,
Mr Wolf

Thoughtful flier

Dear Thoughtful Flier,
I am writing to you to persuade you to stop being a superhero. We all think you create more harm to the city than keep it safe.

My first point is that you do not know where you are flying and crash into homes of innocent citizens and cause damage to houses and people. Every single time, you slow down you do not slow down fast enough then end up ruining buildings. You are possibly a bad superhero

I would also like t argue that you damaged our people in the city then saved, like all the other superheroes. Besides, most of all the other people we work with have had a talk with our people and all of them say you disappoint them.

Furthermore, I and concerned that you are too young to be a heroine. You are 19 years old and should honestly be in school making friends learning and getting a good job that pays well. Also, families are starting to call you Thoughtful Kid Flier, that’s how young they think you are. Beings you are very young you cannot use your powers properly, and you cause lives of little kids. Do you think this is how superheroes behave and treat our city? Another thing as soon as you got your powers you straight away became a superhero.

Although some people suggest watching you fly through the perfect clear skies gives them comfort and joy, I believe that you panic people all because of the dreadful ear- bleeding noise coming from your wings. Most of the citizens hear this noise. Do you feel this is heroine behaviour?

To summarize, you add to the damage to our towns people. Everyone is left thinking if you deserve to be a hero or not. If I were you, I would go back to school or get a job and live your life freely. Get a well paid job, go to College and make some friends who don’t have powers. Please have a long hard think about what I have said and write back to me.

Yours sincerely

Devil howler


Devil howler I am writing to you to persuade you to refrain from being a superhero, you caused yourself to leave your education behind and subsequently damage our town .


My first point is, because you have only been in highschool for 2 years,thanks to the offenders.I would also like to say that our town’s citizens do not like you as our symbol of peace. It is embarrassing to have a hero as young and flimsy as you.


I would like to argue that when fighting with a villain, your hair tends to block your view causing you to lose sight  and fall onto buildings, roads, houses ,companies  and many more( or even pedestrians) you have brought pain to our city.


Furthermore, I am concerned that you damage, break and ruin our town, the worst thing is that you leave with helping us tidy up the battlefield and live rent-free.


To build on this concern, you leave the children terrified to go outside. Parents complaining to us about their houses, companies losing their employees and the council are losing money for your sake.


In addition, a few citizens suggest  that you stay but we believe  that it would be better if you were in Brandon. If I were you I would go to Brandon and be a superhero there.I am sure that you will love being in Brandon.


              Mr Potato

Dear Super Natcher

Dear Super Natcher, 

                                I am writing to persuade you to stop being a superhero. You should return to reality and spend time with your family.


My first reason is because when you attempt to levitate you destroy the ground. You have caused so much damage that the council do not have enough money to reaper.

Additionally all the wind is blowing the heads off of flowers. Taking away the beauty of peoples gardens.


I would like to argue that you frighten young people with your attempt of catching your enemies . 


Further more im concerned you are taking up to much space with your trees. 


To summaries we can not count how many times you have ruined the town. I think you are not so good at being a superhero. If I were you I would permanently retire being a superhero.

Superhero letter

22nd March 2023

24 Tower Drive


Dear Commander Jumparound,

                                I am writing to today as I recommend you reconsider your decision to become a superhero. The people in this city are not grateful for your services. The points below are my reasoning for this.


My first point is that, when you do get to the target, your punch is very affective; however, sometimes it does absolutely nothing. Although when it does decide to work, your attack is too effective as it causes the enemy to become injured. However most of the time, they walk away with no injuries. So my argument is that it does more bad than good.


Furthermore, your outfit is encouraging children of the city to put things around their necks. This concerns me as you are meant to be help all types of people, young or old. Not try to harm them! To add to this, when you eventually come back down to earth, your stamp is so powerful that it damages the public property. This wastes the governments money-which can be used to actually fight the city’s crime. When you do this, it injuress people around you.


Few people believe that you should carry on with your dream and continue saving people. On the other hand, the majority of people  are beginning to realise that that you do more bad than good. I believe that this is unacceptable. Do you think you can be a superhero if you create havoc.


To summarise my points, you provide the city no protection. I think you should definitely reconsider your decision on becoming a superhero. If I were you I would relax and consider a suitable career choice.


Yours sincerely,

                 Doctor Pepper

Dear Mushroom Dude,

Dear Mushroom Dude,


I am writing to you today to persuade you to return back to your normal human life like before you became the Mushroom Dude.


My first reason for why you should give up life working as a hero is because you cannot stop or control your mystical, floating, mushroom cap turrets; they naturally go haywire causing a huge problem for the nearby buildings and structures.


Additionally, I  am also concerned that you use dangerous bouncy mushrooms to get around which is inefficient and destructive to the nearby area, which annoys people and it can severely injure and poison people. To build on this concern, you cannot be near anyone at night because of the poisonous aura that you emit and it could spike them with poison.


I would also like to mention that you are too slow and save about one percent of the people who are in danger. So you need to leave it up to the higher-ranked, elite heroes, to save them because you are not that good at saving people in need of help.


Although some people may suggest that you help nature, we believe that your own mushrooms appear in random places; they naturally come from the ground causing mass destruction and maybe even some places will need evacuation because of these legendarily (almost useless) mushrooms.


Some people may say you are young and powerful, on the other hand; many people say you are quite useless because you don’t save a lot of people and you are getting weaker slowly. In addition to that, most experts say you are extremely old for an average mushroom so I advise you to retire and end your career as a superhero.


Yours sincerely

Mr RockEye

Dear Flasher

Dear Flasher,

                     I am writing to persuade you to retire from your  superhero life and return to your life before. I believe that you should let the professionals handle the criminals. Please read on  to find out the reasons for why you should find a new job.


My first point is that you only have one ability and that is to run quickly. This power is useless when you are fighting crime and you mostly run too far because you can not stop easily. What is the point of fighting crime if you can not stop in time?


Furthermore, I Am concerned that you are getting a lot older. This should suggest that you should take some time to rest and spend time with family.


To build on this concern, people around your age start to get worse health and bones. I am worried for your health because you use so much energy  while running fast that you can not walk after missions.


Although some people suggest that you are one of the best, we believe that you scare children with your speed especially since you have nearly hurt someone. This is not what a superhero would do.


To summarise, you are not helping our town when you are running because you can not stop in front of criminals and if you do stop them they are hurt and need serious medical attention. If I were you, I would retire before embarrassing myself more. I am sure that you love your current job but you  could get the same satisfaction from something else.


Yours sincerely,

Cat woman.

Nuclear Teleporter

Dear Nuclear Teleporter,

                                      I am writing to you today to persuade you as a superhero you are causing more damaged to the city.That’s why you are killing people not saving people.


My first point is why you should give up being a superhero because you keep killing people.You can not have any permission to use your superpowers as you cannot control them you might destroy more buildings and hurt more people on purpose.


I would also like to argue that you saved some citizens by one of your power.Why do you kill so many people but rescued some people?You are destroying other superheros( polluting the planet).Your teleporter is making the ground dirty.


Furthermore,I am concerned that you have been using teleport to move quicker without walking,making it easier but it is frightening a lot of people.When you hear someone in danger you are making more danger by your nuclear power and making the planet even worse. 


To build on this concern,your teleport has been destroying buildings and hurting people.


Although some people suggests seeing the makes chemicals to make people disappear,horrifying other people to make them have a heart attack,which is causing a disaster.We believe it is time for this to stop.


To summarise, you add problems to ur city.People are getting aggressive about whether you are a superhero or a villain.If I were you,I would resigned being a superhero or a villain and turn back normal life.Be kind to other people.Get a job to get money nut do not kill people.


Your sincerely,


Mr President


High Voltage leaving

Dear Mr voltage,
I am writing to request you to come back to your ordinary life as you can not control your extraordinary powers correctly and are causing more destruction than you are saving. The following highlights show you the problems you are causing.
My first point is the dangers and the possibilities that could occur to you and all of the civilians. The chances of danger are very high. You are reliably the worst than some of the villans that you fight, who cause destruction around every corner.
Ask yourself are we safe By fighting criminals you are putting yourself in danger along with everyone else
Furthermore, I would like to state the following facts of how your scarring younger children, You shoot lightning bolts without aiming carefully and cause blackouts in the city are frightening children because they are scared of the dark.
To build on this concern, Showing how much money we have spent on fixing the problems we could have more money to teach the criminals not to be bad in the first place
Do you want to help us, or the villans?
Although some people suggest you are an excellent hero our studies show you cannot control your powers and that you cant control your powers and you ae nothing but a man child with powers and are not saving anyone , our statistics show you save 2 in 5 people.
To summarise, you add up to the terror our town faces .Children are scared and afraid ;MR.Voltage do you want children to feeling terror or happiness? I am very sure you would be satisfied with any other job. Please take the time to consider the points I have raised.

persuasive letter to super hero

Dear iron man 


I am writing to you today to persuade you to give up your superhero life because you are damaging the world with your repulcers and not really helping other citizens. Your power bean is deadly.


My first point is that you are getting to the point that you are having trouble saving peoples lives. In addition you are leaving multiple potholes  from your repulsors and they are causing cars and lorries to crash . leaving devistation behind.


I would also like to argue that you are using too much power and you only use your repulsors instead of your power beam. Your power beam is one of the best powers you have. Why don’t you use them?


Furthermore I am concerned that you use your power beam. Why don’t you use it? Are you afraid that you will have to pay five million pounds for a new chestplate? To build on this concern  your repulcers are leaving potholes which can cause trucks and cars to crash 


Although some people suggest that you are being very helpful we believe that your repulcers are causing  ear splitting noises.Do you care about children’s ears?Do you want people to like you?It wouldn’t be nice if someone did it to you


To summarise, you add more problems than already caused.you are seen damaging our city, if i were you i would think about retiring.Please consider the points you have raised. 


Your sincerely,